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Gannnets, underwater gannets, Shetland, diving, seabirds
This is a unique opportunity with no one else offering the chance to capture the dramatic diving behaviour of gannets. Over the…
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Incredible underwater images of diving gannets, often unseen part of their behviour but one that is essential for their survival.
With so many islands creating such a comparatively vast shoreline, the coastal habitats throughout Shetland are varied and highly complex. Ranging from…
Shetland otter, photographing shetland otter, otter ecology, Shetland otter watching, photographing shetland otters, otters in shetland, otter ecology, ecology, Lutra lutra, Eurasian otter, European otter
It turned into a special a day for following Shetland otters. I had decided to go and walk a stretch of coast…

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