Shetland otters

Beautiful images of Shetland otters. Otters in Shetland are charismatic loveable animals, full of character and interesting behaviour. Shetland has the highest density of otters in Europe and is probably one of the best studied populations in the UK. This helps to make Shetland one of
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Shetland seabirds

With so many islands creating such a comparatively vast shoreline, the coastal habitats throughout Shetland are varied and highly complex. Ranging from the second highest sea cliff in the UK , reaching 1,220ft on Foula, to the gentle contours of the long, sheltered and almost-land loc
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Shetland Landscapes

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The beautiful and wild coastline of the Shetland Isles is an exhilarating place to make images.  Shetland is one of the most stimulating environments to work in, due to the ever changing light and weather.  From mid-summer with nearly 24 hours of day light to the stormy winter Shetlan
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Shetland Puffins

Beautiful images of Shetland Puffins. The Atlantic Puffin are one of our most loveable seabirds. Spending the winter at sea they come back to Shetland at the end of April to breed along the cliff tops. Puffins in Shetland are full of character and interesting behaviour and Shetland ha
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