Tony Mathews

“Having never previously photographed an Otter, I had high expectations of my day with Richard. They were more than met. The weather was dull and windy. Initially we searched the coast without success, but with Richard teaching me about their behaviour and showing me the evidence of their presence. Eventually Richard’s acute hearing picked up the tiniest sound in the wind – a cub calling for its mother. He took me straight to the right place and over the next few hours we watched and photographed the cub and its mother. He repeatedly anticipated their behaviour and got me into the best position for the next photographs. His skill, knowledge and persistence ensured that I had a successful day photographically, but more than anything I enjoyed the thrill of getting so close to such a charismatic wild creature in the company of someone who understands them so well”.


Philippe Schuster

“I came to Shetland in 2016 for the second time; in 2012, I had been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an otter swimming but this year I really wanted a much closer encounter, if possible, picture opportunities. I also wanted to better understand where and how to look for otters as well as to learn about their life. I was strongly recommended Richard Shucksmith so I decided to apply for 2 days one-to-one otter photography tour. This was really an outstanding experience! The weather was rather bad on the first day but we saw our first otter very quickly (a nearly grown up cub) and we were able to follow and observe it  for quite a long time; then it joined a second otter (the mother) and they stayed together for a while either fishing, eating or resting on the shore. Then they separated again and we continued to observe and photograph the mother. During these 2 days, I appreciated very much Richard’s wide and deep knowledge about otters and all wildlife and how he likes to share this knowledge. I appreciated also his patience and kindness towards my own clumsiness while crawling and hiding on uneven and slippy shores !  No doubt I will contact him again when I come back to Shetland !”


Richard Boreham

I’m very happy with the variety of images that came out of a short three day trip.  I’m not sure this will be the final cut because so many good photos came out and I may do some further processing.  I do hope you enjoy these (www.richardboreham.photography/blog/otters).

“The credit for knowing where to find these spectacular animals goes to my guide, Richard Shucksmith, who is a complete enthusiast and otterholic.  His knowledge is utterly comprehensive as is his concern for the welfare of the animals.  They always come first.  There is little better than spending several days in close company with animals in a beautiful location other than to do so with someone who is so keen to share their knowledge with you.  It’s even better when you eventually turn your back on your subjects to return home squelching across the moor confident in the knowledge that the otters are undisturbed”.