Otter Talk

Shetland otter photography and stories with Richard Shucksmith

Shetland has one of the highest densities of otters in Europe, and is by far one of the best places to see and photograph otters. Shetland otters predominately live along the coastal edge, fishing in the sea, spending a lot of their time feeding during the day.  Due to the otters behaviour this makes Shetland a great place to observe otters, it is certainly one of the best places I have lived in Scotland to photograph otters.  I spend many hours on the coast following and photographing  Shetland’s otters, and I have gained intimate knowledge of this charismatic animal and the coastlines where it lives.  ‘Otter talk’ is about sharing those experiences, and stories about individual otters and families, and the trial and tribulations the Shetland otter faces living on a wild coast.