Getting to Shetland

To get from and to the Shetland Isles you can either fly or come by ferry.  Flybe (,  Loganair ( and British Airways ( and Eastern Airways ( are the flight providers to Shetland and fly from all Scottish cities to Sumburgh Airport which is at the south of the island.  From Sumburgh Airport you either have to hirer a car or we can provide transport.  We can pick you up from Sumburgh and take you to your accommodation and then collect you on the days of your tour to take you to and from the otter sites/photo tour. At the end of the tour we would take you back to the airport.   However if you are staying on the island longer than the actual tour you have booked you will need to sort out your own transport for the days that you are not on a tour and to get back to the airport.  It is probably advisable to hirer a car if you’re planning to stay on longer than the tour as this gives yu the greatest flexibility to explore the island.  There is a bus service that goes to the airport, however it may not always suit early flights and there is a good taxi service that can be pre-booked.

You can bring your own car and travel to Shetland via the Northlink Ferries (  The ferry goes from Aberdeen and either leaves at 17:00 or 19:00 hours in the evening and arrives in Lerwick Shetland at 07:30 the following morning.   It is advisable to get a cabin for a good night sleep so you’re fresh the following day.  Bringing your own car particularly if you’re planning to stay on the island after photographing otters/photo tour gives you complete freedom to explore Shetland and its many different islands.